Book Review: In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

Amanda Adams
2 min readMar 29, 2022

A quirky romance that proves there is always more than meets the eye. The perfect light-hearted read for your next vacation or long weekend.

After a highly awkward (yet relatable) meet cute, we follow along with the alternating perspectives of our main characters — Franny and Hayes. Franny is an interior designer who comes into work at her trendy startup only to find she’s being laid off and her life is suddenly thrown into chaos. After gathering her things she makes her way to the subway, trying to hold back the tears until she gets home to her small but stylish apartment. Alas, the universe has other things in mind and through a series of small disasters she falls apart in public, bumps into Hayes (aka Hot Suit), and becomes a viral internet sensation.

On the surface, Hayes is a stoic and well-off business man — as evidenced by his well fitting, dapper Gucci suit. Despite his standoffish nature he swoops in to help make Franny’s day a little less miserable. Little did he know his kind gesture would get him wrapped up in the viral sensation that is #SubwayQTs. Despite the unwanted attention that this social media storm causes both Franny and Hayes, it does provide the opportunity for them to reconnect so that the magic of New York City can take over and help their paths align.

Through the powers of fate, Franny and Hayes are able to escape the initial awkwardness that plagued their interactions and Franny is able to rebuild her life following her layoff. Amidst family drama, health scares, and major friend moments we get to see the organic development of Franny and Hayes’ relationship. We get glimpses into Franny’s professional creative process and Hayes, slowly but surely, comes out of his shell.

Author Kate Spencer does a masterful job of painting the city, a character in its own right, in a magical but realistic light. She tells the story of cherished female friendships with a personal and passionate tone, no doubt informed by her own experiences. And for any listeners of her Forever 35 podcast, there are plenty of Easter eggs throughout the book and her unique and beloved voice comes through clearly. Personally, this book was much anticipated and has been my favorite read of 2022 thus far.

Learn more about the book on Goodreads and check out the Forever 35 podcast.

Amanda Adams

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