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Thinking of Trying Imperfect Foods ? Here are My Pros & Cons

One of My Imperfect Food Deliveries — Circa June 2020

Early in the pandemic, like many people, I signed up for an Imperfect Foods delivery every other week. I figured it would save me a couple trips to the grocery store each month and maybe help support a more resilient, lower waste food system. Nearly two years later, here are my pros and cons of the service and why I’m still signed up to receive my biweekly box.


  • It helps reduce food waste. They are working to ensure the off spec produce gets used, are sourcing from local sources (helping consumers and farmers), and centering sustainability. Early in the pandemic, when airlines were heavily impacted, I got some cheese trays that were made for in-flight snacks but were no longer needs. Yay for planet friendly snacks!
  • You might try new foods and love them! Since joining I’ve tried these new foods: finger limes, leeks, butternut squash, bok choy, kale, farrow, and more. It is such a fun and easy way to expand your pallet.
  • You can easily customize. Set your preferences by adding items to your “always” or “never” lists. You can also skip or add an order with a few simple clicks.
  • They live their values! They set up an internal recycling program so you can return the insulated bags and ice packs for reuse. This is just one example of how they live their values and give back to community.
  • They have more than just produce. Increasingly, they offer much more than just fruits and vegetables. You can get a wide variety of shelf-stable and dry goods as well as unexpected extras like pet treats.


  • They don’t deliver everywhere (yet). They are expanding often but see if you’re in one of their current delivery areas here.
  • You can’t always get exactly what you want. Each order is based on availability, which means you won’t always be able to order exactly what is on your shopping list. However, if you are flexible and creative this isn’t normally an issue.
  • You need to be around for delivery on a consistent schedule. You don’t have to be home, per say, but you’ll probably want to be around to ensure a prompt transition from their refrigerated delivery trucks, to the insulated box on your porch, to your fridge and freezer.



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